36 Drivers Will Vie for NASCAR® NMPA Wheaties FUEL Most Popular Driver

Voting is officially under way to determine the 2011 NASCAR® National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA) Wheaties FUEL® Most Popular Driver. The 10-week playoff format will return, with the top 10 vote-getters competing for top accolades at the season's end.

Fans can visit www.WheatiesFuelMostPopularDriver.com and vote once a day for their favorite NASCAR® Sprint Cup driver. Following the race event at Richmond International Raceway, voting for the full field of 36 drivers will end on September 10 at 11:59 PM CT. At that point, the 10 drivers with the most votes will be announced as finalists, and the vote count will reset to zero. Fans will then have 10 race weeks to cast their vote once a day to determine the 2011 NASCAR® Wheaties FUEL Most Popular Driver from the final field of 10 drivers. Voting will conclude November 20 at 11:59 PM CT. The winner will be announced at the NASCAR® NMPA Myers Brothers Luncheon in December.

New title sponsor Wheaties FUEL® is anxious to engage race fans in the spirited contest.

"We love the passion and dedication racing fans have for their drivers, and Wheaties FUEL is thrilled to be part of this great tradition," said Betsy Frost, Marketing Manager for Wheaties FUEL. "Winning takes intense preparation, and we are glad Wheaties FUEL can provide a forum for fans to support their favorite driver as they prepare to win."

Dale Earnhardt Jr. notched his eighth consecutive NASCAR® NMPA Most Popular Driver Award last season. Only Earnhardt Jr. and Bill Elliott have won the award eight consecutive times since the award's inception in 1953.

"The NMPA is proud to be associated with Wheaties FUEL in giving fans a chance to decide who will be honored with this award," said Rea White, President of the NMPA. "The annual award allows the fans to share their opinion and make their choice for favorite driver known."

By Champions. For Champions. Wheaties FUEL was developed in 2009 with the help of Peyton Manning, triathlete Hunter Kemper, Kevin Garnett, gold medal-winning decathlete Bryan Clay, Albert Pujols and sports nutritionist Dr. John Ivy. After a year-long development process, the result is a delicious honey cinnamon crunch that helps meet the nutritional needs of today's champion athletes and delivers long-lasting energy from complex carbohydrates, includes b-vitamins to help your body release energy provided by food, and provides an excellent source of fiber to help you feel full.

For more information, and to vote on the NASCAR® NMPA Wheaties FUEL Most Popular Driver Award, fans should log on to www.WheatiesFuelMostPopularDriver.com.

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