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Founded in 1999, the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation (JGCF) marks its 15th anniversary this year. While there are many accomplishments to celebrate, Jeff Gordon is focused on its future.

Four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Gordon has implemented tactical steps for setting and obtaining goals as the foundation moves forward. These goals include increased staff and the creation of a development team, expansion of the Board to include a Medical Advisory Board, and working to establish the Foundation as a nationally recognized voice in the fight against childhood cancer.

"I am excited about the growth of the Foundation," said Gordon. "By expanding our staff and Board of Directors to include members of a Medical Advisory Board, we can ensure investment in the most promising research and care programs. And broadening our advocacy efforts will make a greater impact in the lives of children battling cancer".

As part of this strategy, Gordon's first step is the appointment of Glenn Schineller as Board President. Schineller is Vice President, Customer Acquisition and Sales Programs for Time Warner Cable Media. He leads the creation and management of various programs in the sports and entertainment industries and is a 25-year veteran of the cable industry. Schineller brings a wealth of experience in marketing, media development and strategic planning through his education, professional experience and affiliations as a corporate executive.

"Glenn has been an active member of our Board for years," said Gordon. "He is an experienced professional that has shown great initiative and passion for our mission. I have full confidence he will lead the foundation in achieving even greater success."

"Stepping into the role as President of the Board of Directors is an honor," said Schineller. "I've worked closely with Jeff Gordon and Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation for over a decade and I've seen notable growth in that time. I'm excited to lead the next chapter".

What started as a small project driven by one special child for Gordon has grown into an organization that has raised more than $15 million for children's health organizations since its establishment. The Foundation narrowed its mission to pediatric cancer research, treatment and patient support programming in 2010 and, in 2011, JGCF extended its efforts globally to bring pediatric cancer care to Rwanda, Africa.

Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation

Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation supports children battling cancer by funding programs that improve patients' quality of life, treatment programs that increase survivorship and pediatric medical research dedicated to finding a cure. For more information visit

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