By Michael Rothman - Good Morning America

Barbara Yocum, 87, would watch NASCAR religiously with her husband before he died almost a decade ago.

"There was always someone there with me when I watched the races, but now I'm alone," she told ABC News. "A lot of people don't know about Nascar, so I watch it alone."

When Yocum's husband was alive, their favorite driver was Jeff Gordon. The California resident calls him "Jeffie." He's still her favorite.

Her story caught the attention of Wish of a Lifetime, a nonprofit organization that grants wishes to senior citizens, and Brookdale Senior Living. Can you guess what hers was?

On Wednesday at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, Yocum got a chance to meet and talk with Gordon.

"I'm fine today, yesterday I wasn't so good, I was very nervous! I'm still nervous," she said. "I didn't just get 10 seconds. I got to see him for 10 minutes. I was proud that he...

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