Hi Fans –

The 2011 race season is quickly approaching and it’s going to be an exciting one! This season will bring about a lot of new things for the #24 team and as a part of that Jeff wants to connect with you in a brand new way. From this point forward, anytime you see a post that ends with ‘- JG’ or a tweet that ends with ‘#JG’ you’ll know that it came directly from Jeff! Jeff will be taking the reins of both his Facebook account (www.facebook.com/jeffgordon) and his Twitter account (www.twitter.com/jeffgordonweb) - you’ll have access to Jeff like never before! Jeff will still have the Jeff Gordon Network assist him with things such as race updates and special promotions, so you’ll still have all the race day in-car access that you’ve grown accustomed to. Now, let’s take the #24 to Victory Lane!

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