By Jeff Gluck -

SBN: I've been asking each driver what percent of their career races they remember, but I'd like to ask you what percent of your wins you remember.

JG: If you give me a specific race we won, I can tell you a lot about it. But without that, it might take five minutes. I can tell you about the first two. Wait a minute – the third win, I believe was Atlanta in 1995. I can tell you I won seven races and the championship that year, but I'm not sure where else we won at that year.

SBN: Well, let's say you walk by some random trophy in your house. Can you remember the race if you see the trophy?

JG: There was a Bristol trophy from like 2004 at our (Hendrick Motorsports) debrief the other day in Charlotte. I was looking at it going, "Did I win that? Maybe Kyle Busch won that?" I couldn't tell you who won it.

I have a terrible memory, by the way. I have an awful memory.

SBN: Really? Like names, birthdays, that kind of thing?

JG: Oh yeah, all that. If it's not on my calendar, I'm done. I've had (public relations representative Jon Edwards) call me before to do MRN (radio) at 7:30, and it's like 6:30 and he says, "Hey man, don't forget you've got MRN." I'm like, "Yeah, man, I got it." (Gordon shrugs to indicate he forgot to call) Then he calls back and says, "Where are you at? Why didn't you call?" I'm like, "Oops!"

My wife doesn't believe it when I tell her I have an awful memory. She just thinks I'm not listening. (Laughs) It just takes things to jog my memory, and then I've got it. But just pulling things out of thin air, I'm not very good at that.

SBN: I'll have to keep that in mind for future interviews.

JG: You know what? It works to my advantage a lot of times because it allows me to move past things very easily. Unfortunately, I move past some of the good moments, too.

SBN: What's the first win you got in any form of motorsports?

JG: First win ever? It would have been a Quarter Midget race in Rio Linda, Calif. That's where I first started racing. But I couldn't tell you the exact moment. I have visions of the car and my helmet, but I can't.....

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