I'm Julie and live in upper state SC. I'm proud to be a Jeff Gordon fan and I'm a true 24aholic.

I've been a die hard Jeff Gordon fan from the beginning. The first time I saw Jeff drive I knew in my heart this driver possessed so much skill, and talent and to look at where Jeff is today my heart / gut feeling was right. He is simply the best on the track as well as off the track. He has the biggest heart and all the great work he does for children through the JG foundation as well as the many other charities he supports is so amazing, generous, and very touching.

He's a terrific role model, great father, and loving husband. Jeff is the ultimate package. I've been blessed to meet Jeff and even got to meet his lovely wife Ingrid and was lucky enough to sit with Ingrid on the 24 pit box. It's a precious memory I'll never forget and will cherish that memory forever. Everyone who knows me from work, and all my family knows me as "The 24aholic" and proud to be referred to as a 24 addict.