I am a proud grandmother of two lovely granddaughters. I saw my first race at the small old Hillsboro North Carolina racetrack in 1959.I have been a Jeff Gordon fan since he first shook up NASCAR in 1992. He is an amazing race car driver, always fun to watch on any track and my favorite track is Bristol.

I am a very happy Jeff Gordon #Team24 Fan Club Member, the proud owner of a Dupont jacket, several pictures, cups, die cast cars, his signed Pocono June 12, 2011 flag and signed hat. He is so generous with his time regarding his Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation and other events. So special to see he and his family at the track. He started another trend having his kids with him during introductions etc. Especially loved seeing the family kissing the “Indy Bricks”.

He had a great 2014 and I know he will make his last year just as exciting. This is a big thrill to be a “Jeff Gordon Fan of the Month” for March! JG_welcome_sld2 - 600

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2015 3M #24 Helmet