Jeff Gordon Adjusting to New Roles Beyond Driving

By Dustin Long - NBC Sports

Although Jeff Gordon prepares to enter the broadcast booth this season, he’ll still have a role with Hendrick Motorsports, his home since making his NASCAR Sprint Cup debut in 1992.

Just exactly what that role is has yet to be defined.

“Rick (Hendrick) and I have already agreed that this year let’s see how it goes with this adjustment and different role and we’re going to evaluate it after this year,’’ said Gordon, who has an office at Hendrick Motorsports.

Although Gordon’s focus in the first half of the season will be his broadcasting duties with Fox Sports, he still will do things for Hendrick Motorsports.

“I’m a partner at Hendrick and in that partner role I think a big part of my support is from the sponsorship side of things, the marketing side of things,’’ the four-time champion said Tuesday at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Tour. “If a team feels like they can use me or need me for anything competition wise to help them, then I’m certainly ready to jump and help them as well.’’

Gordon noted he’s scheduled for...

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