By Paul Woody - Richmond Times-Dispatch

In 21 full seasons as a driver on NASCAR’s top circuit, Jeff Gordon has taken more left turns than he can count.

When you’ve raced as long as Gordon, when you’ve accomplished all he has, you reach a point where you need to make a right turn.

Success in NASCAR competition has brought Gordon fame and wealth. He has four championships, is one of the greatest drivers in history and a lock to be inducted into NASCAR’s Hall of Fame.

What Gordon recalls from his first championship, in 1995, might surprise you.

“I realized right away you don’t have this kind of success on your own,” Gordon said. “A lot of people behind the scenes make it happen, and you have to remember that.

“You have a greater responsibility in life than just driving a race car. And that’s a good problem to have. It’s a greater weight on your shoulders, but I think it’s why certain people get put in that position. They need to be tested or they can handle it.”

So Gordon made a right turn.

In 1999, he established the Jeff Gordon Foundation. In 2011, it became the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation.

The focus is on research and support for children and families dealing with pediatric cancers.

Since its establishment, the foundation has raised .5 million.

In the past several years...

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