Hey guys,

First and foremost thank you very much for choosing me as the Jeff Gordon Fan of the Month for February. I have said to myself, "Why don't I ever get picked" a few times, and low and behold I got picked...NICE!!!

Anyway I have been a fan for over 20 years now...fan of NASCAR....huge fan of Jeff Gordon....my first race was the inaugural Brickyard..1994....TV of course...my brother invited me over (he was a Dale Sr. fan at the time...now Junior)...I asked him when I noticed the rainbow warrior car...who that was...he said some kid from Indiana trying to make it in the good 'ol boys sport....I had heard a little bit about Jeff...my brother started whining about him and so I decided to pick Jeff Gordon as my driver...has been ever since...watched him win the race and four more since.

I didn't get to my first race until 2000...Daytona 500...what a weekend....to see the fog lift off the Daytona international speedway...it was amazing and to see my driver for the first time on the track...chills....chills up my back....he ended up having engine issues I believe...but I did get to see him at other tracks.

I saw him win the Daytona 500 in 2005....that was very cool...got to see him win in July 2004 with Jimmie and Dale Jr. behind him.

I have seen some amazing races....love racing...love it!!!!!!

As you can see from the pictures I sent....I have 3 cases full of Jeff Gordon die cast...walls covered with Jeff Gordon memorabilia....got a great mancave!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, thanks for choosing me as the Jeff Gordon Fan of the Month for February.


Jeffrey Miller

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