2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series,Charlotte

"I always keep my belts a little tighter and my HANS clipped when I know I may have a run-in with somebody if we had a heated battle on the track," veteran driver Jeff Gordon said.

"It's one thing to go and kind of rub on a guy after the race is over and show him your displeasure. I've been guilty of plenty of things myself. I'm not excluding myself when I say this, but spinning somebody, making major contact, causing major damage to another car — even on the track when the caution has come out — is wrong.

"The fans love it. The media loves it. So sometimes it just happens and we just lose control of our emotions...But once you come behind that pit wall, there's fans, there's media, there's pit crew members that could be in harm's way. That's where it definitely has to stop."

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